Thursday, September 15, 2016

It's out! Another new collection just in time for Spring

Hi there paper lovers,

The double page layout for the Pretoria Scrapbook Society's Coming out party 
and the launch of our 'Friendship begins in the Heart' Collection - 
10 September 2016

I don't know about you, but life gets real busy when you try to grow a new business. Crazy busy, but that is a good thing, right? Since our last post in April, so much has happened. Seasons change and you realize, as life goes buy, that it is important to take note of the simple shifts in the seasons. One moment you are in a long and cold winter and slowly but surely the weather changes and you find yourself in a totally fresh and new "season". Not just in terms of weather, which I love. I can never wait to ware my summer clothing again. :) But also spiritually as well as physically. So, despite the challenges of "winter" times, we can count on God always changing the seasons and letting us move forward into new things and times. So, thankful for that.

Even though I love blogging, it has been last on my list of priorities. Nonetheless, here it is. Another post. Just to walk in the new fresh flowery season (Sneezing! Pollen season! Oh, my!) and our latest collection, Friendship begins in the heart.

We launched our latest collection at the Pretoria Scrapbook Society's first (hopefully annual) charity event on the 10th of September at the Farm Inn in Pretoria.

Click here to buy this collection.

It was a small event, but we loved every minute of it. Hard work to put any event together especially if you are as detailed as I am. Some challenges came along as they always do when you attempt to organize events. At first I was just to coordinate the event, then things changed on me and I had to also teach at the same event, meanwhile launching our second collection.

Best husband in the world! Henry, you are my ever present support! A super-dooper logistics manager. 
This girl to the right represents the true meaning of "Friendship begins in the Heart".
She has such a big and serving heart and I am so proud to be called her sister.
Surita, not just a fabulous artists but the "bestest bestie" in the world.
Can't think of a better partner. 

Luckily I am blessed with a wonderful team and everyone pulled together to make this all happen. I can just give God all the glory for this, for at times I considered getting on a jet-plane and fly off to an exotic island to stay for life. :) We all worked hard, but if was worth it. We learned so much from this little event and as always every experience, gives you more experience for the next one. Back to our main job of designing pretty paper again. :)

Our paper was received well at the event and the orders have started to flow in. Hopefully they will keep on flowing as word spreads to all the retailers. If you haven't been able to find some Ivytree Studio paper at your local retailer, make sure to let them know about our paper collections and to contact us for Retail registration.

Linda King form Kraft King - The second sponsor for the event, also a teacher and organizing team-member.
Thank you for all your hard work and your wonderful attitude throughout.
Krafty King is also one of the Ivytree Studio's registered retailers. 

Some of the lady's at the PSS event, scrapping away.

"Friends" Single page layout using the Base Element page from the new collection.
Flowers made with the Cute Cuts Flower page. Tags also from the new collection.
Accent and sewing elements cut with Silhouette cameo from our 240gsm white cardstock.

Back to work on our next collection coming soon. In the meantime, if you want to get your hands on our new collection, pop on over to our online store where we have loaded it for the general public as well as for registered retailers

Have a happy and full Spring and Summer season ahead. Remember to make memories and then scrapbook them.