Wednesday, September 25, 2019

September Design Team Challenge: #PaperLove Wall Art

The mandate of the Ivy League Design Team
(the fab name we gave our DT),
is to create paper crafting projects of their own choosing that
showcases Ivytree Studio's Print&Play Collections.
They absolutely have the freedom to create whatever they like/love.
But we thought it would be a good idea to shake things up a bit
by introducing a DT Challenge now and then.

And the ladies have stepped up beautifully to the recent challenge we set for them.
They each had to create a piece of #PaperLove Wall Art.

The challenge was to use elements from our new Print&Play Collection - "Vibrance",
along with a favorite quote or Scripture verse, to create an encouraging piece of
Wall Art that could be framed in a 200 mm x 250 mm frame.

Here is a little pop-up gallery of their efforts:

They really are lovely projects, and I wouldn't mind
receiving any of these pieces as a gift myself.

A project like this is so fabulously easy too. 
Just get yourself some Print&Play goodies and make it happen.
A bit of printing, a little snipping, some stenciling or splashing paint,
& a smidge of gluing...and there you have it!

As I said, it's a great gift idea, especially with Christmas around the corner.

What are you waiting for...get creating!

The Vibrance Collection can be purchased here.

Design Team Round-up: Vibrance Collection

 Our Design Team members have been like busy little bees this month,
having fun fun fun playing with the new Print&Play Collection - "Vibrance".
Here's a quick round-up of a selection of their projects.

Scrapbooking - Single Layouts: 

Travel Notebook Spreads: 

Bible Journaling:

Miscellaneous Paper Crafting Projects:

The girls tackled all kinds of different projects. Everything from Gift Boxes, Birthday Calendars, Cards, Mixed Media Art, Pocket Letters to Scripture Memory Cards.

We've also set a special DT Challenge for the team this month. The #PaperLove Wall Art Challenge.
Can't wait to share with you what they came up with. But that will have to wait for the next post.

In the meantime, you can purchase the Vibrance Collection here.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Spring Floral Wreath Tutorial - by Surita Brink (a.k.a. Pearli)

Hi there #CreativeGirls ! We have a lovely NEW #PrintAndPlay collection in the store called 'Vibrance', and I would love to share a quick project I made with the #CuteCutsFlowerShop KIT. I LUV the Flower Shop elements soooo much and had to dig into those first as usual. Also it's Spring in the Southern Hemisphere and we have to do something to celebrate the newness and beauty of my favourite season.

This is an easy-peasy project.

You will need:

1. The Vibrance #CuteCuts Flower Shop KIT
2. The Vibrance #PaperLoveKIT 's Cover Page (to punch out flowers using the paper swatches, you can also use other paper from your stash that match the color scheme).
3. 160 gsm or thicker cardstock (white or colored) to make the 200 mm x 200 mm Wreath Base - you will need 2 pieces.
4. The usual tools: scissors, cutting mat, glue stick, white craft glue of choice, A4 craft foam sheet (or lots of foam tape/squares), twine & a flower punch (or template to hand cut 12 flower shapes) & a bit of bling like Stickles (glitter glue) or diamanté.
5. Optional Extras: a Butterfly or two from the #CuteCutsButterflies set from the collection. 


1. Print out the Single Flower & Foliage sheet as well as the Paper Bow sheet from the Flower Shop KIT onto 160 gsm white cardstock.
2. Print the Cover Page of the #PaperLoveKIT onto 160 gsm white cardstock, or gather paper from your stash that will match the color scheme of the the Vibrance Collection.
3. Make the Wreath Base by cutting 2 x circles 200 mm x 200 mm in size. Cut out a 150 mm x 150 mm circle from the center of each. Use a craft foam sheet and glue stick or foam tape/squares to adhere the two base pieces on top of each other. Then cut a piece of twine and add it to the top of the base to hang your wreath with.
4. Cut out the top half of floral elements from the Flower & Foliage sheet.
5. Punch out or cut out 12 flower shapes and layer to make 4 flowers consisting of 3 layers each.
6. Cut out and assemble your Paper Bow according to the instructions, except use the 'tails' of the bow as seen in the photo - cutting it in half so that you can let it hang down.
7. Assemble your wreath on the wreath base as seen in the photo, finishing off with a bit of Stickles on the flower centers and the bow's center loop.
(In the end I needed two more leaves to fill in some gaps and so I used paper scraps left over from punching out flowers, to hand cut a couple of leaf shapes. I just scored them down the middle and shaped them a little before adding them in.)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Use the wreath as an ornament to celebrate the season with and afterwards incorporate it into a Scrapbook Layout with a picture or two documenting you Spring experience.

You can purchase the Vibrance Collection here