Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Whild & Free in our New Wholesale Store!

Hi there Paper Lovers,

As the summer is upon us, we have been inspired with our local weather and thinking about holidays and happy times with family and friends. Christmas is looming in the near future and summer rainstorms are cooling us in our little studio as we create up a storm.

For months now we have been working on our next collection and the two to follow. We are opening pre-ordering for Retailers/Wholesaler today (1 November 2016) and launching this new collection mid November. We are not clear on the official date yet but it will be between the 16th and the 22nd of the month. Contact us if you are interested in this new collection.

We will be uploading the individual item images during the coming week, so keep an eye out for it on our Facebook page, our Website and our Wholesale Store.

Note that the new collection will only be made available to the general public on the official launch date in mid November. 

This collection was totally done from scratch. Surita Brink, our Artist in Residence, hand painted and designed this entire collection. We are very proud of her and the lovely art she creates. Her touch gives our paper a unique thumbprint that you won't be able to find anywhere else. 


We have updated the way we sell our products on our general online store. (See Announcement on our Website's homepage here

We have now moved the Retail/Wholesale section in our general store, to a separate store called "Ivytree Wholesale".  If you have registered with us during the past year as Retailer/Wholesaler, please read our updated Terms&Conditions to see how it will affect your account with us. If you have any questions, read the FAQ section of the new Terms&Conditions and contact us if you need any help. 

The major point to notice is that to qualify for our Wholesale store (which is not automatic), you must place a bulk order to activate the account. When we receive your next/bulk order, we will create an account for you in the Wholesale Store and you are eligible for the pricing in the Wholesale store. 

If you are not able to purchase the products in the Wholesale store, you can still shop in the general store at any time. 

To keep things simple, your login for the general store will be the same as the login for the Wholesale store. (We will create an account for you in the Wholesale store as soon as you qualify for it)

What about the General store?:
Yes, we have some updates here too. No more Retail/Wholesale section. From today, all our products on our general store will have the option for you to order either a single sheet or any number of sheets available in stock. We added two check-boxes where you can choose to order 5 sheets @ R10 per sheet or 10 sheets (our previous retail packs) @ R8,50 per sheet. 

Our retail price for our paper still ranges between R10 and R14 per sheet. 

We are confident that our paper is of excellent quality and that our prices are within the range that the local market can handle. 

Recent comments from clients: 

"...if you haven't used the Ivytree Studio papers yet, you are missing something. The paper has a special "feel" to it, a lovely firmness and the more basic designs are lovely for backgrounds on cards." - Marie Smith from purple Magnolia, Gauteng 

"Thank you very much for the beautiful product and great service! " - Svetlana Austin, Polokwane

Retail/Wholesale Registration:
First you have to read our Terms&Conditions, then complete an online form over on our website. We do ask that you don't register until you are ready to place an order as your registration will only be activated with an order. Registration gives you automatic entrance to the general store but only a bulk order gives you entrance to the Wholesale store. You do have to place an order at least once every two months to keep your Wholesale account active. For more on registration, read the Terms&Conditions.

Just a little reminder of our Design Team call for 2017. The deadline for entering your audition is end of November.