Thursday, February 21, 2019

Creative Blog Hop 2019 (See updates made 05/03/2019)

Hello there #CreativeGirls & #Paperlovers!

I hope that you are having a wonderful creative month so far.

We have been working up a storm here at the studio. Lots of different things happening all at once. How exciting and scary all at the same time. :)

As we are preparing for the opening of our NEW online #CreativeGirlPrint&PlayFriends Club over on Facebook and the first Online Creative Retreat for the year launching in March 2019, I have been thinking about all of you. The #CreativeGirls who blog and read blogs, who create and make things beautiful and make beautiful things.  I have been thinking how we could connect more and engage with each other on a creative level.  Would you like that?

Well, here is a couple of opportunities to do so: (Follow the links)

1. Join the new "Club" over on Facebook and come play along. We decided to ensure we build a quality membership for this club from the start, we are going to offer a paid membership. You now have to apply over on our website. Click here. (All the info you need regarding the Club you can find on our website under "Join the club" tab.) We will add the tab to the blog as well. 

Click here to join

2. Consider doing a couple of our online retreats or classes. Each of these will be linked to a private community group where you can engage not just with us but with other likeminded #creativegirls. 

Click here to read more

3. How about a BLOG HOP 2019? 

How it works: 

You sign up for the "Creative Blog Hop 2019" by sending and email to with the following: (use the "Creative Blog Hop 2019" as your email subject)

1. Your name and surname
2. Your email
3. Link to your blog
4. Why you would like to join in
5. Clear photos of at least one or two recent (made in the last 3 months) projects using our products.
6. A nice head shot photo of yourself
7. A little bio of your creative journey (450 words max)

We will post a blog announcement with the list of bloggers participating in the blog hop.

The blog hop will launch 1 May 2019. For as many weeks as we have entries from bloggers, we will be hopping. If it is your turn, you will post the Hop list and highlight the next blog after you, for the following week's post and also link back to this blog each time you post something.

What to blog about? 

Any creative project from 
General Art
Art Journaling
Mixed Media Art
any paper craft project from 
Scrapbooking, Cardmaking to Journaling of all sorts and 
that definitely includes Bible Journaling

Your projects must contain at least 50% Ivytree Studio products (either physical products or Print&Play products).

You have to share a little bit about your creative journey, how you started, how you keep going and why you love our products or designs so much and link back to our blog, website, store, social media links (but we will supply will just copy it into your post...easy peasy)

We will advertise each week's new Hop post here too, so people can always refer back here to see what's going on that week.

You should join up before 20 April 2019 and we will keep this going for the rest of year. You will gain exposure for your blog and we will get a little promotion out of it too, but the main idea is for us to all get to know each other and share our passion for creativity. International bloggers are welcome to join in because you can now access our products via Paypal and our shop's Print&Play section. Isn't that great! Yeah!!

We will create a little photo gallery in the sidebar with all the Hopper's faces. This means we will have a creative year together.


4. Another option is to come and be part of our #CreativeTeam 2019 and I just thought off a great name for this team...ooooh, creative mind at work!! Here it is:

We haven't done one in a while and maybe it's time. We will be doing it a bit differently than before. It will be part of our Ivy Program which means that you will not only be part of the "League" of creatives creating with our content but you will also be able to earn rewards as you help us grow our brand. The focus is not the products but being creative and making art.

This program is a Brand Ambassador program (seems the word has become a new buzz-word in the industry lately ;) ;) ). We launched our program last year around May some time, but we were not quite ready for it yet (we had to trim some stuff and complete some other projects and handle life in between...I'm sure you know what I mean), so I de-activated the webpage on our website temporarily, but we are going for it this year. We would love your support if you are willing to grow slowly with us in this initiative. We will follow-up with those of you who have already signed up for it.

Take a look here if you are interested in the Ivy Program's Ivy League (and/or #Creative Team) and drop us an email if you want to know more about how you can be part of it this year.

To be an Ivy League #CreativeTeam Member, you need to apply over on our website and you can find the form under the "Ivy Program" tab. It is the same form used to apply for the Brand Ambassador Program. As #CreativeTeam Member you will fall under the "Lilly" level of the Program.  Click here to apply 

We need the following info from you: Most of the info you will be able to add in the online form, but the details you can post in a blog post and just add the links as required by the form. First create your blog application post so you have the links available when completing the form over on the website.

1. Your name and surname
2. Your email
3. Link to your blog post application and link to an image of your best work.
4. Why you would like to join in
5. Make sure that the blog post you create includes clear photos of at least one or two recent (made in the last 3 months) projects using our products but it is not the main requirement that you have to use our products to apply. We just need to see your best work done. 
6. A nice head shot photo of yourself...add that to your post as well. 
7. A little bio of your creative journey (at least 450 words), a list of prior experience/creative teams and why we should consider you. 

So, what will be expected of you creatively:
General requirements: 
1.You need to be real tech savvy and be able to take good quality photos of your work and add the branding strip that we will supply at the bottom of each of your images.
2. You will be required to post regularly on your blog and on our Social Media platforms.
3. You need to do at least one to two projects per month using our products in at least 50% of the projects you post.
4. We are currently focused on developing our digital/printable content and so you would need access to a printer or local print shop. We will supply the content.
5. General creative projects are encouraged so this is not just for Scrapbookers. See the list for the blog hop above for possible projects and see if what you like to create falls in any of those categories.
6. You need to be an independent and organized artist. We are not holding anyone's hands or educating you on what to do or how to do it. You need to have the proper experience, gumption and know-how for this venture.
7. We would like some Youtubers to join in too and bloggers of course.
8. You need to have prior #Creative Team experience so please list it and links to your work.

We aim to select between 9 to 12 of the best candidates for this team so bring your A-game when applying.

International Candidates are welcome but will be restricted to the Print&Play section of our products.

The team will be announced in May and your season will run for at least 6 months.

Also indicate if you would like to coordinate the team (Use the comment box in the form to do so). We need someone to look after the Ivy League and help us grow it over time.

There are lots of benefits to this opportunity, so think it over and send us your application before
31 March 2019.

I hope that you decide to join us in one of these opportunities for creativity this year. We love what we do and we hope to do it for a long long time to come.

Don't underestimate the power of "Community".

Till next time...

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