Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Do you need to Revive something in your life?

Hi there Paperlovers and #Creativegirls,

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Today we are so happy to announce the release of our next collection that matches our Revive Online Creative Retreat.

First, you are missing out BIG TIME if you haven't signed up for this amazing Online Retreat experience.

God is really behind this Retreat and as I write it, I know that He gets all the credit for every single word and every element we add to it. It is changing my life and I hope it will change yours too.

So hop on over to the store and grab your Revive Retreat before anything else, so we can add you as a member to the website! You won't regret it. We have nearly released all the Reception area content (9 sections in total) and nearly all of the Retreat Center sections (1 more to go) before we start on the main event, the Garden Center section. It 's already lots of fun!

It is still early days over on the private #membersonly Retreat Community House group here on Facebook as we welcome newcomers one by one...but the girls have given very positive feedback so far and we haven't even really revved our engines yet.

The Retreat downloads so far (excluding website content and videos and more) is already valued at way over R650. Because we know what is still to come, we have doubled the price as off today and still feel it is a bargain for what is included in this Retreat. We are working really hard. All our other projects are on ice for the moment as we complete this massive task and we know it will be worth your wile. It has grown from the small vision we had at first to what it is growing into. This is going to be a real investment in your own creative journey.

But just if you didn't believe all that, here is the Revive Collection of which a portion is included in the Retreat package (but you need to be a Retreat Member to see what you will receive from this Collection.) It is however available to you outside of the Retreat at full price.

Some of the Retreat downloads are also available outside the Retreat experience as a normal item in the store but also at full price. You will see it listed in a separate section under the Revive Collection in the store (remember: these downloads are incl. in the Retreat together with content that explains it and guides you to use it. Without this context, you won't gain the full experience)

So think it over. From beautiful website content, videos, curated content, Creative Elements, and downloads, Journal pages, a special Creative system for projects galore and a special Faithgirl Fountain area, all designed with YOU, #Creativegirl in mind, we know it will have a big impact on how and why you create. Why don't you join us?

In the meantime, check out the Revive collection...it's really beautiful!


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